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Helpful tip for hip impingement.

Here is a little tip for anyone squatting snatching or deadlift ect (cross fitters or powerlifters)

Making good use of the elbow pads and step up box. I hook the elbow pads to a station and stand into them allowing them meet my hip crease and pull my femer (thigh bone) back creating some space inside the hip socket and allowing for better movement and possibly reducing pain in the front of the hip or hip flexors. Then reaching forward into overhead extension using the setup box to anchor myself and get into a nice fully extended position. I will hang there for around 2 mins. This will help with overhead mobility/position and hip rang of motion (ROM). 

Although a lot of videos claim to fix hip impingement (Femoroacetabular impingement or FAI) which is a bone condition were there is extra bone that rubs inside the joint capsule causing pain or limitations in movement. It is important to understand that working on the tissues around the hip joint can improve moment quality and reduce pain due to impingement but this approach is a joint capsule/tissue related approach that can lead to reduction in pain and better movement. Applying this new move to trainjng can then increase motor control which can only be a good thing. 

So it's important to note that while distraction techniques and banded distraction can work you should also look at he quality of the tissue around the joint/hip. Hope this helps. . 

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