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10 Min Shoulder & Legs Strength workout and Killer 10 Min Shoulder & Core finisher.

Shoulder and Leg strength workout

🍕5, 45lb push press 🍕5, 30lb goblets 🍕repeating 5 reps of each move every min for 10 mins. That's 50 push press and 50 goblets in 10 mins. In the pic I'm telling maggie as she pushes the bar over head to squeeze her butt and quads hard and push her head through her arms into full extension. On the way back down she is moving her head back out of the way with her chest high, shoulders stacked and core braced. 

On the goblet squats I'm really on my clients butt to grip the floor with her feet ( if I don't she can let her feet and ankles fall in and I don't want that) keeping a strong foot and stable arches in the feet helps promote good ankle and knee stability. As she drives out of the hole with the knees tracking outwards never inwards. 

Try this workout and see how it feels. Make sure you choose a weight that allows you to complete 10 total reps in less than 60 seconds so you have time to quickly recover and get into your next minute. Enjoy guys.  

Shoulder & core 10 min blaster.

Trust me this burns like hell. 

✅50 mountain climbers (shoulder over hands and butt down, no exceptions)

✅20/25ft forward then reverse bear crawls

✅1 min for the mountain climbers and 1 min for the forward and back bears. If you finish before the 1 min mark rest until the next min and repeat for 10 mins.  

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