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How much water should I be drinking?

Water can often be overlooked when you are considering your macro nutrients. It is vital to stay adequately hydrated. Even mild dehydration can cause a significant decrease in athletic performance and a 2-4% drop in body weight. Water is responsible for cell function, for the breaking down of macros, the removal of waste through urine, and the regulation of body temperature. Here are the numbers... You should be consuming 5 ounces of fluid for every 100 calories you consume. For example: if you are consuming 2000 calories per day, you should be drinking 100 fluid ounces of water over each 24-hour period. It is important to remember that your gastrointestinal tract can only absorb about one quart of water per hour, so drink it all in one sitting ;). Drink your water regularly, and throughout the day. If your urine becomes bright yellow, that’s a good indicator that you are not drinking enough. You want your urine to be clearer. Before and after you train, (specifically 2-3 hrs before, and immediately after) you should drink 15-20 fluid ounces, or a small 500ml bottle of water. Here’s a simple equation to calculate your daily intake: 2000 (cals) / 100 = 40 40 x 5= 100 fluid ounces. 100 fluid ounces is equal to 2.9 liters or 0.7 gallons Below is a link to a simple conversion table:

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